Our Mission

To provide distinctive support and comprehensive recruitment solutions to leading businesses across the world. An Indian owned company registered under Government of India with the intent of meeting the increased demand for indian manpower abroad. Our specialized technical solution recruitment services of Human Resources helps our clients to find the right people for the right job.

What we are

We not only partner with our clients on thir recruitment needs but also work closely with candidates who are seeking an opportunity as we strongly believes in building relationships which continuosly adds value to our line of services with an increasing productivity and clients list reliance Manpower Services is embonded by a highly motivated team that believes in the philosophy of values for time and money. We specialize in providing total manpower solutions to leading corporations located across the world.
Our Team

M. Niyamath Begum


Mohammed Afroze

Branch Manager

Abdul Kareem

IT manager

M A Mannan

Account Manager
M. Niyamath Begum
Position: MD

M. Niyamath Begum was named Manpower Group Managing Director in June of 2006 She leads all aspects of Manpower Group’s business in GCC countries, She is highly capable who has worked in several senior management position. A recognized expert on the labor market and world of work trends, M. Niyamath Begum regularly speaks at conferences and summits around the GCC. She actively engages in the World Economic Forum annual and regional meetings and frequently provides commentary on jobs and employment trends for national and global media.

Mohammed Afroze
Position: Branch Manager

Mohammed Afroze, Branch Manager of the Company, Is an innovative, forward thinking proffesional who endeavours to make a difference in the recruitment arena, through his strategic ideologies. His passion and commitment towards re-defining the paradigm of blue collared recruitment in India and has led to various awards, which the organisation has won over the recent years. He ardently believes that, "recruitment is a proffesional activity, Employers should not strive to save the cost of their recruit, but focus always on how to save the cost of a wrong recruit".

Position: Overseas

The man who pulls all the strings in making all your ideas come to live! If he says, its possible - it's possible. He's very dependable, energetic, humourous and passionate. Share your ideas with him and he will make it happen.

Abdul Kareem
Position: IT manager

Abdul Kareem IT manager(branch) is responsible for making sure that computers systems are working smoothly and meeting the company's needs including recruiting staff, evaluating data operations, implementing information technology system, finding areas that need improvement, developing solutions, taking part in audits, ensuring information security, developing control structures, finding ways to increase cost effective, and handling budgets.

M A Mannan
Position: Account Manager

Manages Recruitment Process